Phoebe Yan



Born in China, Living at Burnaby, BC. Canada

Photographer at Farawayland Weddings. 

Photographer at YMCA

Professional photographer specializing in weddings /fashion /events and family photography. 

I love helping people. Seeing them smile makes me feel very happy and satisfied. I also love art, and photography is a way to show how I see art through my eyes.


Dedicated Photographer who exhibits a true love for the craft, art and science of the photography process. Inspires others with creative insight and enthusiasm. Focused Photographer skilled at remaining calm in fast-paced situations. Brings extensive experience with wedding and special events photography.

Able to meet deadlines and works with a high level of multicultural awareness and adaptability. Experienced Office Manager with a strength in managing multiple projects simultaneously and fostering a cohesive staff.



 Specialized in Wedding, Fashion and Event Photography

 Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for images retouching and colour correction

 Graphic design

 Lighting expert

 Flexible creative approach

 Superb attention to detail

 Quality leadership

 Calm under pressure

 Account management

 Customer service-oriented

 Strategic marketing

 Deadline-driven

 Strategic planning and sales knowledge

 Event and projects management

 Conflict resolution

 Strong organizational skills

 Active listening skills

 Quick learner

 Strong client relations

 Store maintenance ability

 Inventory control familiarity

 High integrity and honesty; ethical and socially aware


March 2014-Current

Photographer│Farawayland Weddings │55 East Cordova, Vancouver BC│ http://www.farawaylandwedding.ca

 Photographed special events, including weddings, parties and portraits

 Photographed high-quality images for both print and Internet distribution.

 Edited, toned, captioned and uploaded photographs for news publications.

 Defined image requirements and planned photographic events.

 Conducted all photo shoots in a calm and professional demeanor.

 Shot photographs in controlled lab, field and remote environments.

 Set up precise photographic measurements and control equipment.

 Tracked inventory of all photo lab products and equipment.

 Assisted imaging team members with product styling, prep and post.

 Maintained productive professional relationships with models.

 Explained price and package details to customers.

 Performed advanced computer processing of images for assignments.

 Improvised photographic methods and techniques.

 Selected and altered secondary photographic features such as backdrops,

 Collaborated with clients to guarantee satisfaction with advertisements.

 Selected and set up motion picture or television cameras and accessories.

 Collaborated successfully with a variety of personalities and work styles.

 Planned and prepared for all on-location and studio shoots.


November 2012- 2016

Photographer/Volunteer │YMCA Vancouver │955 Burrad St., Vancouver│ Facebook-YMCA Vancouver

 Photographed events and workshops

 Managed and published the images on Facebook

 Worked independently


May 2015-Current

Photographer │Event Photography Group, INC. O/A Marathon Foto│3490Martin Hurst Rd, Talahassee, FL.32312

 Photographed BMO Marathon

 Photographed GranFondo Whistle



 Certificate in Media Techniques For Business- BCIT 2013-present

 Diploma in Hospitality Management -Vancouver Community College 2013

 Serving it Right -BC's Responsible Beverage Service Program

 Food Safe- BCRFA

 Standard First Aid & CPR- Standard First Aid & CPR / AED Level C 2013

 Best Revenue Manager - HotelSIM, Tactical Management Simulation, 2013

Vancouver Community College

photography portfolio